London and Paris should be united (really) against Terrorism

After the Paris bombings, I heard so many English journalists openly tying the Paris attacks to the model of French integration and its secularism, presented as « Islamophobic ».
A few days ago, a major English newspaper presented the Orly attack (obviously very impulsive and unprepared) as a « fault » in France. While these attacks are almost impossible to avoid.
At the very moment that we learned of the attack in London, twitters rushed on their smartphone to explain that the English channels, at least, did not rush to speak of attack, contrary to the French channels. It’s wrong. The British news channels quickly spoke of a « terrorist incident ». They allow themselves comments that I have never heard on the French news channels. One of them even deceived themselves by broadcasting a false name and a false photo of the terrorist… Who happens to be a British citizen, born and « made in » UK.
What I am trying to say is that it may be time to stop believing that a cultural model protects from terrorist acts. It strikes us all.
As it is time to stop finding sophisticated mobiles to killers who act as monsters.
It is time to accept that we can not stop all attacks (we stop many already) when we live under the threat of groups at bay.
It is time to look at what unites us: to horrify fanatics, totalitarians and terrorists.
All my solidarity with London and Great Britain, unjustly struck, as are all cities and all countries.

Caroline Fourest, former journalist at Charlie Hebdo