« Naked Rage » au festival THINK (Goa)

Photo: Arun Sehrawat

Participation au Festival THINK, l’un des plus beaux lieux de débats en Inde (à Goa), sur le thème de la « RAGE Nue ». Avec Haifa Zangana, Golshifteh Farahani, Ima Ngambi, Binalakshmi Nepram.


Golshifteh Farahani, the darling actress of Iran, spoke of baring her breasts in a photograph for French Newspaper Le Figaro, an incident which sparked an enormous debate about individualism and the politics of the body in the Middle East. When her family was threatened and she decided to leave the country, she became an accidental symbol of the struggle against patriarchy in Iran.


French activist-journalist Caroline Fourest was also present at the discussion and spoke of FEMEN, a feminist movement protesting topless to reclaim their bodies as their property and their power. “By writing their message on their breasts, FEMEN ensured that men would read it and get the real message”. Although some decry the movement for being too extremist, Fourest applauded the idea of women as social warriors, and wondered – what is so extremist about asking for basic gender equality?

By Sara Sudetic


Pour voir la session en anglais.



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